About Us

About the PureBella:

Made using only the highest-quality natural, plant-based and vegan ingredients, PureBella Green & Natural Living Products are a therapeutic, blissful way to living a clean and balanced life.

Created and inspired by the need for an alternative to harmful chemicals, PureBella products strive to empower consumers to take control of their health by practicing preventive self-care and by providing natural solutions to everyday cleaning and personal care needs.

Our products are made only from plants, minerals and essential oils specifically for people with skin and chemical sensitivities, including those with underlying health conditions.  They are designed to work as effectively, and often surpass the commercial market leaders.  

Our products are not only made with great ingredients that are safe, healthy, non-allergenic and non-toxic, but with care and heart from the people in your own community - NYC.   They are all formulated and bottled in USA.  

We have also partnered with leading eye and dental care providers to ensure the high quality and effectives of our products.  

In the spirit of giving back to the world around us, the company will donate 5% of proceeds to help empower underprivileged children around the world.

This woman-owned company is focused on making a difference in people’s lives by staying true to three, simple guiding principles:

Clean:                   Produce non-toxic and plant-based/cruelty free cleaning products

Uplift:                    Utilize essential oils to elevate mood, provide health benefits and enhance well-being

Choose Health:    Help consumers take action and responsibility for one’s health through empowerment and self-love


About the Founder:

My interest in health, fitness and a natural lifestyle began at an early age.  I started as a dancer, dancing competitively for over a decade.  Then throughout college and my professional life, I have been an avid runner and athlete.

At 32, my life suddenly changed when I was diagnosed with a serious auto-immune condition.  The diagnosis turned my life upside down.  I was forced to quit my career and give up my active lifestyle in order to focus full-time on finding a cure.  I made countless trips to various doctors and was prescribed all-too-many medications, but none of it made a difference.  My health was not improving.

Desperate for help and having always been a simple and natural person, I turned to nature for answers.  I changed my diet to wholesome, unprocessed foods.  I also realized that my hormonal problems and difficulty breathing were largely caused by perfumes and commercial cleaning products I was using.  So I set out to create my own products, using only natural, plant-based, non-toxic, vegan ingredients.  In the process, I learned about the most effective natural cleaners, as well as the benefits and power of essential oils for curing auto-immune conditions.  My first creation was an eyeglass cleaner.  Being an eyeglass wearer, the cleaner became something that I used a lot.  I then branched out to create a mouthwash and dental aligner cleaner.  As I started using my own products more and more and nourishing my body with unprocessed foods, my health began to improve.  Within six months, I was becoming stronger. The recovery was not overnight, but I restored my health with a fully natural approach and was free of life full of medications.

My journey from illness back to good health gave birth to PureBella.  My mission and passion are to educate, empower and help people to see that vitality and a life free of disease are the fruits of natural living.  Everything we need is inside of us and we all have the power not only to heal, but to prevent many health conditions.  We need to take charge of our own health and practice preventive self-care.  All it takes is awareness, positive actions, knowledge and self-love.  We are infinite beings with an infinite potential, independent of circumstances.

PureBella is dedicated to my Mom, and has been named after her.