Our Ingredients

PureBella products are eco-friendly and harness the powerful properties of USDA organic therapeutic grade essential oils, minerals and plants to deliver high quality cleaning, deodorizing and freshening products.  

Our products are made only from plants, minerals and essential oils specifically for people with skin and chemical sensitivities, including those with the underlying health conditions. They are designed to work as effectively, and often surpass the commercial market leaders. Health is our top priority!

Free of chemicals, synthetic fragrances and phthalates, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, ammonia, chlorine and GMOs.

Formulated and bottled in NY, USA.  

Organic vinegar & plant acids - kill germs, bacteria and mold. Acts as a disinfectant and restores the body's natural PH balance.

Organic Lavender essential oil - kills germs and acts as a disinfectant. Smells great without toxic perfumes and added fragrances. Offers aromatherapeutic properties that boost immunity and blood circulation, relieve stress and help relax and elevate mood.

Organic castile soap - free of synthetic chemicals, animal fats and preservatives. It is 100% vegetable based and perfect for sensitive skin.  It offers many benefits, including anti-bacterial properties and a healthy moisturized skin.

Baking soda (aluminum - free) - removes stains and discoloration from the teeth enamel.  Gives the teeth whiter and brighter appearance. Fights bad breath and removes plaque. Improves the overall dental health and balances the ph levels of acid in the mouth, helps prevent gum disease, halitosis, soothes ulcers and mouth sores.

Pepermint essential oils  - kills anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that thrives in a low oxygen environment such as the mouth and causes gum disease).  Treats gingivitis and offers anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Essential oils are an integral part of a natural oral care routine.  They have therapeutic and healing properties. Essential oils also offer multi functional benefits, such as improved concentration, mental sharpness, taste and mood. Peppermint has a strong, clean, fresh, and minty aroma.  It has an ~ ORAC of 373,455 (TE/L).

Xylitol -  a natural sweetener derived from the fibrous parts of plants.  It does not break down like sugar and can help keep a neutral pH level in the mouth.  It remineralizes tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay by reducing plaque formation. Halts the growth of acid producing bacteria and reduces gingival inflammation.  It does not trigger an insulin reaction in the body, making it useful for diabetics. Raises the pH level to be more alkaline.

Concentrated Ionic trace minerals - one of the most powerful natural health mineral supplements in the world and has many uses and applications. It's impossible to underestimate the importance of minerals and trace minerals for the human body. They are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses for developing and maintaining good health.  The proprietary formula we use contain over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake with 99% sodium removed.  It strengthen bones, joints and teeth and eliminates unwanted calcium deposits. Helps asimilate vitamins and contains most assimilated magnesium. It increases energy and helps maintains body's natural ph balance.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.