1. Q: Why should I choose PureBella?

A: The PureBella cleaning solution prolongs the life of eyeglasses. A quality eyeglass purchase is usually a large investment, and therefore merits proper care.

2. Q: Can I use tap water to clean my glasses?

A: Ophthalmologists have proven that the water from the tap contains microorganisms and chemicals that can damage the eyeglass and cause infections in the wearer.

3. Q: How often should I clean my glasses?

A: On a daily bases if you wear them everyday. It is important to clean your glasses for hygienic purposes because grease, dirt and bacteria seep from the skin, making the eyes susceptible ailments like corneal infections. Protecting the safety and health of your eyes is very important.

4. Q: How are over the counter eyeglass cleaners harmful?

A: Most of the ingredients in these cleaners can be found in home cleaning products, which are a health hazard. Some cause skin and respiratory inflammation, migraines and watery eyes. Other toxins found in these products can produce more serious health risks such as liver and kidney damage and even cancer.

5. Q. What is Purebella made from?

A: Organic Vinegar kills germs, bacteria and mold. Organic Lavender Essential Oil also kills germs and acts as a disinfectant. This ingredient smells great without toxic perfumes or added fragrances. Organic castile soap is free of synthetic chemicals and animal fats. It is 100% vegetable based and perfect for sensitive skin.